2017 Calendar of Events & Trainings

May 2, 2017
Staff Buy-In, Support, Participation

Ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed in all that it takes to support and grow a successful and thriving volunteer program? Join us for a discussion about creating staff buy-in and support to make the dream come true!

10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: VIA Mobility Services
2855 63rd St
Boulder, CO 80301


The calendar of events will include at least one offering quarterly such as an Idea Exchange or Workshop.

Idea Exchanges
These events are not your typical networking gatherings. While you'll have time to mix and mingle with fellow professionals, we offer questions around a particular theme to guide conversations and increase the possibility of learning best practices from your new colleagues. Though a lead facilitator helps the conversation, we don't bring in a trainer ... instead, colleagues learn from one another.

Idea Exchanges are a great benefit of membership, so we invite nonmembers who are interested in DOVIA to attend as a guest for free and check out what we're up to. This is a great way to connect and learn with your colleagues.

These two-hour sessions are facilitated by experts and cover a variety of topics. These are an opportunity to learn from an experienced trainer and volunteer manager, where there are also ample opportunities to meet colleagues, build your network, and troubleshoot current challenges. Workshops are free to members and an invaluable way to build your skill set and strengthen your effectiveness. Workshops will be offered for a small fee to non-members.

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