Teen Volunteering!

Are you a young person who's thinking about volunteering? Check out our 2017 Youth Connection Guide with more than 70 opportunities for youth to volunteer in Boulder & Broomfield counties. Opportunities are indexed by minimum age and interest area.

Why Get Involved in Volunteering?

Volunteering can help you to explore your interests: Volunteering can be an opportunity to learn more about something you enjoy doing. If you like working with kids, get involved at a summer camp or help younger students with their schoolwork. If you like to cook, make dinner for the families at a soup kitchen or help out at a homeless shelter. Or if you enjoy playing sports, play games with the kids at a neighborhood center. Look for opportunities that allow you really explore areas that already interest you.

Meet people you might not ordinarily meet: By volunteering in a group, you'll meet other people with similar interests. If your grandparents live far away and you don't get to see them often, you can become friends with a senior adult and adopt them as your "grandma" or "grandpa. By volunteering with an agency that helps immigrants, you can meet people who have come here from other countries. You'll learn about their culture and help them adapt to life here.

Volunteer activities add value to college applications and work resumes: College admission staffs want to know who you are as a person. They're looking for well-rounded individuals who will give their best both within and outside the classroom. Potential employers want to know if you show up on time, can take direction, are responsible, and work well with others. A good reference from an agency you've volunteered with can help them decide that you'd be a good employee.

It's fun: People who volunteer often say that they get more out of the experience than they give. Giving of your time and energy makes you feel good about yourself and raises your self-esteem. Working with other volunteers builds friendships.

You're sharing your talents and knowledge with others: You have skills, talents, knowledge, experience, personality and passion. Each of us is unique and has something to share with others.

You're advancing the common good: Sometimes we look at the way the world is and think, "This isn't the way things are supposed to be." By volunteering, you can help make a positive change in the world. Each of us wants to live in a community where families are healthy and strong, where children are given the help they need to succeed in school, where people with disabilities and the elderly are able to live as independently as possible, and where people live in safe, supportive neighborhoods. You help make your community a better place to live, and you become part of the solution by volunteering.

Things to think about before you volunteer:
• What are your interests? Are there particular issues that you really care about?
• What do you like?
• What do you dislike?
• What do you want to gain from this volunteer experience?
• What would you like to learn about?
• What skills or talents would you like to share with others?
• What skills or talents would you like to acquire?

Visit these sites for more great youth volunteering ideas:



Global Youth Service Day: www.gysd.org