Community Volunteer Award

Do you know someone who stands out because of their dedicated service to our community? Someone who continually gives their time and skills to make Boulder or Broomfield County a better place to live, work, and play? 

To celebrate National Volunteer Week, Volunteer Connection will be recognizing volunteers  who have made a significant contribution to the community. Recipients will be selected based on the depth and breadth of the volunteer's impact. 

Recipients will receive
•    A letter and certificate from Volunteer Connection
•    A story featuring the volunteer on Foothills United Way's social media
•    Recognition in upcoming Volunteer Connection e-newsletters

Nominee Characteristics

The nominee’s achievements must demonstrate one or more of the following characteristics:

- Exemplified leadership

- Collaborative efforts

- Empowering others

- Uniting and mobilizing the community

- Innovative problem-solving

- Creating a lasting benefit

- Demonstrating a collective approach

Award Nomination

Nomination Deadline: Friday, March 31, 2017

Late or incomplete submissions will not be considered.


CLICK HERE to submit a nomination.